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23rd & 24th November
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our vision

to become a global hub for business analysts to develop and inspire each other, with a drive to define and deliver exceptional value.



It all started with a swipe on Shapr and some caffeine. A couple of professionals working in the city met for a coffee in the heart of East London in the summer of 2017. Both entrepreneurially spirited, ideas for a venture bounced around but none motivated them to work the long hours required to lift it off the ground. Until they realised that the Business Analysis market is growing in strength but the number of opportunities available for junior positions is still lacking. This, combined with the expensive training packages, it's difficult for many to jump into a Business Analysis career. The missing gap? An end to end service providing individuals with the right training, support in improving your chances of securing a role and a community to bounce off when challenges occur. Many lattes later, they founded BA Masters. 

BA Masters is a global hub for all things business analysis related. 



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why train with us

we have tons of experience.
Over 10+ years in both the private and public sector, we like to think we know a thing or two about being a great BA!
we'll present you with real-life scenarios.
Projects never go entirely to plan and sometimes things go wrong, part of being a BA is knowing how to resolve common challenges. We'll teach you how to handle these situations effectively.
we'll mix things up.
Our training style is to run things like you're on an agile project - we will participate in a typical scrum stand-up and review your user stories during a refinement session.
we'll provide ongoing support.
We don't want to just help you become an awesome BA, we also want to help you in securing your next role. We'll host a variety of webinars and provide CV support to all attendees.
we like to keep it casual.
We don't expect you to wear a tie, and this won't be a formal training event. We do however, draw the line at onesies!
you'll meet other awesome BAs.
One of the best ways to learn is from others - from sharing experiences to ideas on how we can do things better. And, you may find your new gym buddy in the process!
we will have fun.
We'll do a bit of training - both theoretical and practical, get involved in scrum ceremonies, do a bit of networking and we'll finish the training with some fun! 
you'll become an important member 
In a bid to become a global hub, we need the right people involved. Training with us means you'll have access to a wealth of content, access to webinars, discounts for future training, and to our network!

ready to become an awesome Business Analyst?


meet the team

Shazia Elahi

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Co-Founder and Senior Business Analyst.

Expertise in Digital Transformation and Agile Delivery. 

"Business Analysis sits at the heart of all projects - it is the bridge between Organisation, People, Process and Technology. Most professionals conduct some sort of business analysis as part of their role without even realising. The demand for Business Analysts is growing as more organisations are recognising its importance, and the value BA's can contribute. Learning how to become a valuable BA goes beyond the ability to draw process maps, or writing detailed business plans. It's the art of being an effective communicator and understanding the core needs of different stakeholders. Business Analysts have the ability to hold onto the bigger picture, whilst keeping an eye on small details, with a view to delivering exceptional solutions."



Calvin Agu

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Experienced Agile coach with over 10 years experience

Ayo Ayeni

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Co-Founder & Senior Business Analyst. Expertise in Digital Transformation

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At BA Masters, we’re committed to building a global hub that provides value to aspiring or experienced Business Analysts. By being transparent about what we’re doing and the ideas that we have to achieve our vision, our community can ensure we're focusing on the things that will help them in their careers. 

That’s why we've decided to share as much as possible by publishing our trello board. With our community at the heart BA Masters, we're keen to get you involved right from the start so that, you can grow with us too.


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