BAM! Collaborators

Become a BAM! Collaborator...

We're always on the lookout for collaborating with talented individuals who wish to become apart of the BAM! family. 

Collaborators at BAM! can do one or a few things depending on their preferences and time availability. Some examples are:

  • Hosting BAM! Talks

  • Training events - host/co-host

  • Providing content (learning materials, videos, articles e.t.c) for our BAM! Library 

Who can join us a BAM! Collaborator?

Professionals with one or more experience in:

  • the technology/consulting world

  • metholodogies such as agile or waterfall 

  • have a decent understanding of business analysis

And lastly, we look for individuals who enjoy networking and meeting new people, and are gifted with PowerPoint skills (seriously). 

How do I benefit as a BAM! Collaborator?

Firstly, you'll become a special addition to the BAM! family. We'll proudly include you as an official collaborator on our website. And, you'll get discounts to training events for you and 1 other individual.

Not to mention:

  • You'll be recognised as a contributer in the technology/consulting industry.

  • Employers or clients will recognise your contributions

  • You'll be actively learning as the market continues to grow

What does this mean for BA Masters?

Our vision is to become a global hub, and that means, opening the doors to talent where it should be recognised. BAM! Collaborators will help us achieve our vision. Plus, it means that we get to work with some pretty awesome individuals. 

But, wait. There are more rewards...

All of our collaborators will be offered financial rewards for their time. Whether you submit an article to us or host a training event, we'll pay you for your time and efforts.*


*this is not too good to be true.

Ok, I  like the sound of this. How do I sign up?

Drop us an email at Don't forget to add the subject line as "BAM! Collaborator". Please include the latest copy of your CV and a brief summary of how you'd like to contribute and why. 


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