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What if I'm new to the field?

We recognise that there is a low number of vacancies in the market for junior BA's to train and learn on the go. And so, we'd like to be able to provide those interested in the field an opportunity to train and network with other BA's with a view to kick-starting a career. It's on our roadmap to start training packages specifically for entrants into the BA market. - sign up to keep informed of when the training will become available.

I'm an experienced BA, why would I train with you?

In an industry that is moving fast, it's important to continue training ourselves to remain competitive in the current market. Train with us to expand your knowledge on all things BA related, network with other BAs and be a part of a growing and exciting community. You'll have access to all our materials, webinars, networking opportunites and a support network. Additionally, it will show employers your eagerness to learn and improve your skills, helping to you stand out in the market.

OK. Sounds great, but will I receive a formal qualification?

A lot of industries are moving beyond looking for formal qualifications, and are instead, looking for individuals who have been able to demonstrate an understanding of how the business operates, the metholodody if which they work in, and their ability to learn new information/skills quickly. Our objective is to help you improve your understanding of theoretical and practical ideas and skills and give you the opporunity to gain some practical experience through in-training tasks and discussions. Additionally, we hope our delegates walk away feeling confident and clear on the new learnings. We will present you with a certificate of attendace for any of our courses which are emailed to participants.

Will you look to become a qualified institution?

As part of our vision in becoming a global hub for BA's, becoming a qualified institution is one of our goals so that we are recognised as a valuable resource in the industry for Business Analysts who wish to train with us.

What does the cost of the training include?

You will have access to the training event, the training materials, and life-time access to the support package.

Do you offer online training?

Not right now, but it's in the pipeline - sign up below, and we'll keep you informed for when we do start.

Do you provide on-site training for organisations?

Absolutely! Fill out the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours to discuss.

I've paid for the course, but I can't make it now. What do I do?

Cancellations and Transfers can be accepted without liability if made in writing (by post or email) and received more than 28 days before the event date. Need to cancel? You can contact us by using the form below, or alternatively, emailing us at

What is included in the support package?

Anyone who signs up for a course with BA Masters will immediately have access to the support package. At the moment, this includes a free review of your CV with hints and tips on how to make yourself stand out as an effective Business Analyst, following with interview tips and advice. And, because we're pretty chilled, we'll offer you a 10% discount when you sign up for your next training course.

As we continue to grow, we will look to include access to webinars, private network group, and access to exclusive materials.
The support package is not available for those who participate on the Taster into the world of Business Analysis day.

How do I book a course?

Courses can be booked via our Eventbrite page - the link to this can be found in the footer of this website. Right now, we only accept payment for courses through our Eventbrite site, but we will be looking to extend the options in the future. You can reserve your spot on future training events via, but spaces on the course only be allocated to individuals who have made a payment.

Do I receive a discount for booking multiple or group training courses?

Yes! Send us an email using the form down below and we'll be touch within 48hours. We need your email address to get in touch, and a list of the courses you are interested in.

Do you provide lunch during the course?

We will not be providing lunch for the duration of the course, unless otherwise stated. The same applies to any other meals (breakfast/lunch), unless otherwise stated, are not included in the training package. We will however, provide lots of refreshments to keep you energised and going throughout the day such as fruit, biscuits, coffee, tea, juice and water.

Where are your training centres located?

We're currently based in London, and so we will be running training events in the City where it's centrally located and easily accessible for all. We will be branching out to other areas in the U.K. in the future.

How do I become an official collaborator, and what does it mean?

BAM! Collaborators help us to share the great word of Business Analysis. They are often experienced individuals who want to host talks or events, conduct training, or add to our collection of learning material. BAM! Collaborators are individuals with a passion who share our company values. Interested? Fill out the email form below and we'll be in touch!


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